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Hello world!

 Running a blog has not been one of the things high on my Bucket List but who knows, this may be fun.  My managers and agents seem to think it necessary to give people access… and I’m like “FaceBook, ReverbNation, Twitter, and eMails aren’t enough??”.  I DO like a good conversation… and I know FaceBook and Twitter aren’t really great in that sense.  FaceBook always seems to entice you to just flit from one thing to another with all the zillion posts that come in every day.  I’d love to be able to endorse everyone’s posts and let them know I care… but honestly, I can’t even take the time to press the “like” button on a lot of them as it just takes so much time.  Time Vampire, is what I’ve heard.  Hmmm.. I’m hoping this will be different.

Somewhere on this thing, I think I might tell a little of my life story.  Everyone has a story, and I, for one, won’t ever be very likely to write a book… so this may be the place.  I’ve done some interesting and crazy things…. not all of which I’m proud of.   I like who I am today… and I often wonder, “am supposed to be thankful for some of the dumber or rotten things I’ve encountered?”…. because it is doubtless they helped shape my person in some way or another.