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An observation on the human condition..

I should be really excited today but I’ve got to start packing and I seem to be putting it off.  I’ve had a little trouble getting used to my “in-ear monitors” at rehearsal lately as I don’t use them regularly and this adds a bit of frustration to learning slightly new “symphony accompanied” versions of the songs I already know so well.  I  shouldn’t let it get to me but I don’t use them regularly enough and that’s the problem.  If you are too lazy to use them during rehearsal then you likely won’t use them during performance it seems.  The upcoming show is at the Morton H Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas and I really AM looking forward to it.  It may be the biggest audience to date… at least for my Stevie Nicks Tribute.  I’m leaving for rehearsal in Vegas Saturday morning… two days from now… and I still have a few Costume modifications to attend to as well!  I should be so very motivated!  Seems like I go through some kind of swings in my levels of motivation… and many times, the better things are for me the less motivated I am.  Any of you have trouble with that?  The human condition seems to be such that whenever we are giving something without having to work for it, we don’t value it much.  There are groups in our society where governments give out assistance to people and it never seems to give these people a leg up.  They remain in their squalor and we think, “man, if I could get that type of assistance I’d do this and that with it… WOW!”.  I am recently married and my new husband has found that at his business if he buys new equipment for his employees his success in keeping this new equipment in good condition doing the job it was intended for is a lot less successful than if he buys a well used piece of equipment and then gets his maintenance crew to dig in and refurbish it from top to bottom and repaint it and everything, often spending almost as much money as just buying it new in the first place.  The reason is that now he has 4-6 maintenance men, who are proud of what they’ve built, helping to teach the operators how to use it correctly and chastising operators who scratch the new paint etc.  It’s a little disheartening to think how natural it is to be ungrateful.  I am always thinking about this part of me and I know I am not exempt… so with that bit of self examination, I’m off to go pack and work on my costume changes….

Cheers everyone!


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  1. Kim L

    I know exactly what you’re talking about ,I feel the same exact way with motivation! You are not alone on that one and you are far more successful than I am!

    Good luck with you show! 🙂

    March 3, 2012 at 1:13 am

    • You are too kind, Kim…. and I have to add to my Blog in that now with the stress of my brother being gravely ill, my creative initiative is all but drained and in the gutter. It’s really hard to rise above some things…. I long for resolution and healing for him.. but not much else. 😦

      March 27, 2012 at 5:24 pm

  2. Thank you Kim L. I’m doing the best I can… which for now is packing everything but the kitchen sink. A winter storm is raging outside and my man is confident we’ll get to the airport on time…. I am so very blessed… and just a little terrified of the drive. I assume the storm will let up by morning and the Canadian “Super Fast Snow Clearing Fleet” will have the roads passable by the time we leave. They are actually clearing the streets AS THE BLIZZARD RAGES!! Crazy people, I’m telling you. Canadians do know how to drive in bad conditions. I’ll definitely give ’em that.

    I’m getting a little excited for the Dallas Symphony gigs by now. Had a good rehearsal today and my confidence was boosted a little. I’m never nervous about a gig but this time is different. Different in so many ways. Bigger audience than usual… different style of people in attendance… music altered to work with the orchestra AND band… BUT I am looking forward to it in spades. Heck, Stevie’s only done this one time herself in her entire career as far as I am aware! I’m honored for sure… or honoured as the Canadians would spell that.

    March 3, 2012 at 3:42 am

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