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Good times in Las Vegas!

I’ve had a really great weekend with friends in Las Vegas.  This isn’t my usual experience in this city.  Having lived here, I’m not at all into life on “The Strip” and that sort of thing.  I’m over it really quickly.   My friends, Bob and Stephanie, are wonderful people and we had the greatest time doing things like hanging out in their kitchen enjoying various wines, cheeses, and bread.  We grilled Salmon one day and made some unbelievable Margaritas on another.  They took us to a few of Las Vegas’s finest restaurants for other meals.  We sat in their Hot Tub and gazed at the stars and talked until we just couldn’t take the heat any more!  A wonderful Holiday with great friends!   Thank you Steph and Bob!  

Tonight I had a scheduled rehearsal with the band that will be backing me with the Dallas Symphony on Friday.  It went really well with only a few restarts and minor adjustments.  It’s always a little unnerving getting ready for these shows when you haven’t sung with the band before.   My confidence in these guys and our ability to get it all together for the show is much improved after the rehearsal.  It’s so much fun working with a good band!   Fun! Fun! Fun!   So it’s off to Dallas now…. see you there!!Image


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