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The Boys of Summer…

In my high school years, I always took all things musical very seriously.  Many times it was at the expense of my school work.  I tried to be a good student but I would stay at the dance studio until late at night and put off doing my home work.  High school was boring because it was an all girl private Catholic School and I had a hard time concentrating on my work… especially when boys started entering the picture.  I was a little boy-crazy and I really knew how to pick ’em.   Not gonna mention any names here cause one of them ended up being seriously dangerous in the end!   This guy was my first real “boy-friend” and I dated him through high school and into my first year of College.  I had a few crushes earlier on but nothing major.   This guy went crazy on me at some point and I haven’t seen him since … other than a little “stalking” incident a few years later in Hollywood.  My dating relationship, dance, and music pretty much consumed all of my time.  By now I was majoring in theater and I was impatiently waiting for the future to unfold.  I eventually got through all that and was off to spread my wings, be on my own, and hopefully support myself.  I landed a dance position with a show in Hot Springs Arkansas.  I met a young guitar player there by the name of Jimmy Craig, and started a new friendship with him.  We had our dreams in common and we hung out more and more… eventually becoming romantically involved.  He was a good boy friend and even though it didn’t last, he’s a good friend to this day.  Somewhat later he became friends with my brother Phillip because of their shared musical aspirations.  He’s a very talented musician and someday, if things work out, I’d like to do something musical with him again as well.


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