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About me….

I have been an entertainer all my life.   I am told I got the bug early, standing in my crib, entertaining my parents and older siblings with dances, singing, and bodily contortions.   My mother was a classmate of Elvis Presley, and growing up in Memphis TN, music was big part of my life.  I have formally studied several forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and interpretive and performed professionally for many years. I was a drama major in college, had some vocal training, and became a fairly accomplished Gymnast as well.   I’ve have always loved performing and feel very very blessed in all the opportunities I’ve had singing, dancing, and tumbling for people everywhere.

Injuries sustained in falls I’ve had eventually put an end to my most intense and acrobatic gymnastics so I’ve concentrated more on my singing in the last several years.  These days I’m known as “Nearly Nicks” for the most part.  After starting in Memphis, Tennessee theme parks, in the early 1980’s, I moved to Las Vegas to pursue my dreams of being a performer.  Since then, I have sung and danced in shows like “My Generation”, “Melinda, First Lady of Magic”, “Play Boys Girls of Rock ‘n Roll”, and “Legends in Concert”… frequently touring all over the US and Canada.

In my tribute to Stevie Nicks, I have performed all over the US in a variety of venues. Besides my Stevie Nicks tribute, I’ve begun doing more entertaining as just myself singing either a Blues Review or Top 40 hits.  I am also working on a Linda Ronstadt Tribute where, with help of a dark wig, I actually look a lot like her I am told.  At some point I may even consider writing a tune or two myself.  I’ve had so many experiences in life that I am certain I should have ample fodder for this if only I am capable of putting words to music.  I suppose that remains to be seen.

Julie C Myers

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