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DREAMS – A Rock Fantasy

A new show almost ready to hit the road! EXCITING!!

Roy H Williams writes, “A person capable of creating is happiest when they are creating.   Artists create visual and auditory artifacts that affect our thoughts, moods and attitudes.  Riddle-solvers perform feats of engineering and invention.  Teachers create new understanding in the minds of their students.  Entrepreneurs create businesses that offer us new and different experiences.  Communicators create stories and speeches and ads.  Made in the image of God, humans are creators by nature.   All humans.  Yes, that includes you.   What do you create? What do you change? What effect do you have on the world around you?”

I too am at my happiest during the creative process.  Some love to cook, some build homes, and I like to work at creating such “visual and auditory artifacts” that affect mood and entertain.  There are frustrations when the vision seems impossible or too expensive to complete… but overcoming obstacles is intrinsically part of the creative process that ultimately makes it more enjoyable and satisfying on recall.
My new show “Dreams – A Rock Fantasy” is on it’s way to becoming a reality.  Still working on a few details but we are almost ready to begin rehearsal.  A new concept, a new set, new video accompaniment, and a theatrical approach to presentation make rehearsal a necessity.   It’s been a major investment in time and money… so we have a lot riding on it’s acceptance.  I’m brimming with confidence as I’m counting on people loving it.  This is going to be so much fun!!
Here’s a sneak peek.  The DREAMS show is “Steampunk” Themed.  We’ve spent a few hundred thousand dollars building a new stage set, instruments, and costumes to help transport the audience to this period.  Steampunk is a sub-genre of Science Fiction, an alternative history, and describes an “Alternate Reality” as might be imagined by someone of the late 1800’s on what the future might look like.  Someone of that period has just witnessed the introduction of the Steam powered locomotive and was certain the power of Steam would change the world.  Someday anything would be possible.  Will Smith’s movie Wild Wild West was a Steampunk movie.  It depicted aliens landing in the untamed west and meeting the gun-toteing men of the 19th century.  A quick entry of “Steampunk Images” on Google will give you a clue.   This theme lends it self to wonderful images that we can build on and change over time.  It’s going to be so very much fun.  What I am NOT going to divulge right now is how this relates to the topic of Dreams and what, in our storyline, takes you there.  This is the tricky part and needs all the rehearsal to get it to work out just right.  September 6th and 7th, my new home town friends will be first to see it start to finish.  Home town audiences are always the harshest critics and I am so hoping for their support.  If I get it, I know I am onto a good thing and ready to market it across the country.