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Pop, Rock, and Country ~ Blurred lines…

Pop, Rock, and Country ~ Blurred lines…Pop music all sounds so similar to me today… and I suppose it’s for the same reason my parents used to tell me Rock Music all sounded the same to THEM!  It’s the root of the genre that does have a similar beat and timber to it.  While there ARE several songs in the Pop music genre I really like bypeople like Katie Perry and Taylor Swift, most of it is a little too clos

e to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for my taste. I’ll probably be barred from performing at any of the Casinos of Las Vegas for saying this… but EDM has taken over the world in the clubs
across America because it’s DIRT CHEAP to put on.. a DJ is a one man show… but really, it’s the ‘Walmart’ of music… and I don’t know who really LIKEs the stuff… but even I can dance to it if I’m in the right mood.   As a collective, us musicians NEED to be out there informing the world and our fans that THAT is what EDM is all about for the club owners.   It has it’s legitimate fans and there IS a craft to it… but it’s lacking in real soul.   It’s the CHEAP-OUT version of real music…. and nobody wants to be cheap.   I am told that I’m a Country artist by today’s definition.  I NEVER ever would have been told that 20 years ago.  I’m all Rock N Roll !!… surely!… but Country has lost a lot of it’s Twang and appeals to a much wider demographic these days.    It’s grown up some.   Parts of that genre is what those of us who were Classic Rock fans now listen to… because Classic Rock is just that… I’m told it’s part of ‘History’… and we can’t RECORD new

julie still17

Classic Rock songs.  I beg to differ.  A rose by any other name still smells the same.   Keith Urban of today is as Classic Rock as the Jackson Browne of yesteryear.  The genre’s have changed so much because the Country fans don’t want to admit they like Classic Rock and old Rock fans don’t wanna give the New Contemporary Country a chance.   There’s so much more that crosses over these days.  I agree that there’s still a huge bunch of people subscribing to what I know as “Bro-Country” …and my new Album is aimed pretty much DIRECTLY at that. I’m no fan of the schlock being thrown at us on Country stations from that angle.  I’m as ‘girly’ a girl you’ll ever meet but the endless prattle of songs about getting the girl to go for a ride in your pickup truck and drinking some beer and having your way with her is nauseating.   It’s gonna come to an end though… mark my word.   Women DO want to be girls and everything that goes with it…. but few want to be painted as ‘easy’ and portrayed as brain dead.   I, for one, want to be STRONG.   I want to embrace my physical side AND the artistic me.   I want to be an inspiration to women everywhere that ‘You CAN live your dream’… and ‘You CAN be someone people love to be around’.   Be all you can be… be strong… be fearless!  Rock On, my music lover friends… and give some of the ‘New Country or Country/Rock a chance.  You might find a few nuggets in there you can identify with.  Hope you all like me new Album…  Rock On ~ Fearless Journey .   You tell ME what Genre it belongs to.. …Available Feb 24th 2015… Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby.

Politics as it touches your life…

Dreams Rock Fantasy-119           I may only be an entertainer… but I care about our planet and what we leave behind for the generations to come.   I have several concerns as time marches on.  Having just celebrated a birthday makes me ever more mindful of my responsibilities in that.  I am an American Citizen but live on the Canadian side of the border at present… where I do my best to recycle and care for my environment.   I work out at a gym to take care of myself as well.   I’m thankful to live in a town where the tap water in the entire city is purified by osmosis distillation…all clean and pure.   We are virtually mosquito free because the city has a staff of technicians seeding ecologically friendly larvicide through the entire city and several miles beyond it’s borders.   I am encouraged by what I see as “possible” in this day and age… but am VERY disheartened by some of the things that the quest for power and money are doing to us at the same time.
I am speaking about the large corporations that are, for the most part, not guided by any moral compass what so ever.  Monsanto, Oil Giants, Automakers, Mining companies, and so so many more.   The watchdogs of our Nations are complicit in their work with these people and that has GOT to stop.  Our political systems are failing us miserably in this regard.  Lobbyists are running our political system and THAT, I dare say, needs to be outlawed.   Our government will never have our best interest at heart with the current system.  Somebody tell me how this can be changed.

I have recently been reading posts about cures for cancer.  I’m not certain there is any validity to the claims but people are saying there are cures out there that never see the light of day because “there is no money in it”.  Nay-sayers tell us we are “paranoid schizophrenics” and that “all is well” and “that could never happen”.   I say, “follow the money”.   It is not because of their great desire to help the cause that Large Pharma is one of the larger donors to “The American (and Canadian) Cancer Society”… and that, because of this status, they get to have people on the Board of Directors.   Are there no Ombudsmen of Charitable Organizations that can look into the OPERATIONS of these Organizations and tell the public EXACTLY what’s going on?   I was also recently told about how Hemp Oil virtually INSTANTLY cures Skin Cancer.  I haven’t SEEN it work.. but we don’t even hear the FDA or any other reputable health organization TEST these claims in proper “Double Blind Tests” or put out a “Statement” to put such issues to rest.   I am just skeptical enough to believe these cures exist and that big business does NOT want us to know about them… and would put up HUGE protests if the FDA even CONSIDERED testing these claims… much like their fight to overturn GMO labeling laws in every state that is considering putting that into effect is GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

I’d love for everyone to watch “Who Killed the Electric Car”.  It’s movie about the early 80’s Oldsmobile Electric Car that GM built and then suddenly recalled the ENTIRE fleet, shredding every last one of them (There is one hollow carcass left in the GM museum). THAT, after California saw their efficiency and almost maintenance free operation and passed a law REQUIRING a certain percentage of all cars sold in California to be electrically powered from that time forward.   GM had already put up Fast-Charge stations throughout the state and destroyed them all.  SOMEONE somehow convinced California to reverse their Electric Car Law as well.   It’s an extremely provocative movie… and it’s all true.   They leave you to make your own conclusions.  Apparently British Petroleum tried to buy a substantial interest in Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors recently… and THIS TIME it only resulted in him releasing ALL HIS PATENTS relating to his electric Car Development… his way to ensure the electric car will survive and actually take over and dominate world Auto production in years to come.  I am so happy this man is walking the face of this earth.   I would NOT be one to bet against Mr Musk or one to invest in Oil Stocks because this time we have someone who does what he does because “it’s the right thing to do” and not really that concerned about the money in it.   He has made and lost several fortunes in his short lifetime… and I am one of his biggest cheerleaders.  I hope he is rewarded handsomely for his clear headed view of what mankind needs to sustain our lives on this planet… and beyond.  THAT is the way the system should work… reward those who improve man’s sustainability WHILE improving our standard of living at the same time.    He should be one of  the heros of our day.  I only hope he stays healthy and well and eventually turns his attention to our health care as well.  I have also heard that his association with Mr Bill Gates is resulting in some VERY interesting discussions far beyond the programming and manufacturing of his electric cars.  It’s going to be interesting to watch the world change over the next ten years with people like him in our midst.  Rock on Elon Musk…. Rock On!!